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Post Production Symphony 6

Symphony 6



Media Composer is used by more professionals to create your favorite movies, TV shows, and commercials, but did you know Symphony is identical to Media Composer, with all of the same editorial tools, features, and workflows—plus advanced color correction, Boris Continuum Complete, and Universal Mastering tools?

That’s Symphony 6, and it’s better than ever and available in three ways, giving you a full suite of editorial and advanced tools to boost your capabilities and help you get the work you really want. Choose the software-only version for a cost-effective, highly versatile solution that works with your existing hardware. Or get Symphony with an Avid video interface bundle or the complete Symphony System for powerful performance and versatility.

Cameras (26)
HD Cameras (16)
SD Cameras (3)
HDV Cameras (3)
Remote cameras (3)
Accessories (1)

Deck and VTR (11)
HD (6)
SD (5)

Audio (28)
Mixers and audio recording (13)
RF Systems (10)
Microphones (5)

Monitors (5)
SD (0)
HD (5)

Lights (8)
Camera lighting (1)

Lenses (15)
Canon (6)
Arri (1)
Zeiss (5)
Fujinon (2)
Sony (1)

Outside Broadcast (14)
Mixers (4)
Camera systems (5)
EVS (1)
Flightcase (2)
Graphics system (2)

Post Production (3)
Media Composer 6 (1)
Unity ISIS 5000 (1)
Symphony 6 (1)

Signal generators and distributors (0)
Distributors, converters, amplifiers, generators (0)

Communication (0)
Communication (0)

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