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Sony HDC-1500R

The HDC1500R is the multi-format HD studio camera that offers a broad choice of
interlace and progressive formats, by incorporating two key devices. Newly
developed CCD imager and DSP LSI, the camera system can offer ultimated picture
performance in a variety of scanning modes, and enhanced operational flexibilty.
The two types of camera control system can be offered. One is where the CNU-700
Camera Command Network Unit is at the center of the configuration, while the
other makes use of the Ethernet functionality of the systems - a new and
powerful feature that also provides a path to the future. Both control systems
allow communication between all the devices in the configuration, including
cameras, camera control units, remote controllers By using the Studio build-up
kit (HDLA series), the camera can be used with large box lens for enhanced
operational flexibilities. The studio build-up kit is designed in totally unique
interlocking mechanism which does not require lens bayonet mount for connecting
the camera head and the lens

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