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Located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Phone Sweden +46 8-247 247

DOB Experience

Image that you produce live international sport feeds and other multi camera productions from one control room with full signal and communication control and no degradation.

Imagine also that you get all the functions and products that you normally use for your broadcast productions at a lower cost.

Now we can offer you just that! 
How it works

We extend your fiber from the set to the control room at unlimited distance, with low latency. To make this possible, we use our high end standard broadcast equipment and our optical fibernetwork.

Our limitation is the speed of light!
Why DOB?

Reduce you production cost.
Produce several events from diffrent locations on the same day, all from one control room.
Think green.

Whatch how DOB works

Full DOB

Use our control room together with our location equiptment and fibernetwork.

Half DOB

Use your own conrol room together with our location equipment and fibernetwork.
Contact us

Please fill in the form or call +46 8-247 247 to get in contact with us about DOB.

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 Breaking news!
Breaking news!
2013-04-17  14:11
 Sony F55 CineAlta 4K
Sony F55 CineAlta 4K
2013-03-19  10:09
 DOB remote workflow during the Olympic Games 2012
DOB remote workflow during the Olympic Games 2012
2012-07-20  12:43
 First HD DOB production
First HD DOB production
2012-02-12  14:35

 Dekorsnickeriet  Sony  Canon  Avid