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Located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Phone Sweden +46 8-247 247

About the company
Twentyfourseven was founded in 1996 and today we have offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Twentyfourseven Holding AB is owned by Nordic Viking Holding AB (50%), Inter IKEA Investments AB (35%) and Layline Partners AB (15%). Over the years Twentyfourseven has delivered hundreds of thousands of hours of TV-production. Many of the programs have been recorded in very exciting environments and climate and we are proud to have delivered 100% of our commitments since 1996. Our technical equipment is being used not only for TV and Film production but also at concerts and events. With the speed of technical development today, there are many reasons for turning to us as a resource for equipment and personnel:
• We invest in technology – you focus on the content • There are no hidden costs in form of staff, service or maintenance
• The latest technology and production methods are always available
• Rent by the day, week or month - you decide the period of time
• We are responsible for service and support during the production
• If something doesn’t work, we replace it immediately
• We are independent and have no binding relationships to other media or production companies
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